I like to cook.
There was a time when I thought it made no sense to work on something for an hour and then consume it in five minutes. Then for some particular reason I don’t remember, maybe I just wanted to impress someone, or just myself, I grabbed the kitchen spoon and the rest is history.

So tonight I found an article with very keen ideas for amateur kitchen strollers.
Enough blabber, check this out: 57 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Cook Right Now


München is the safest city I’ve ever been. At least this is how it feels. Because nothing is for free you have to pay a high price for this. Everything is very expensive. By everything I mean: hostel, hotel, restaurants, public transportation, taxi. At least the most expensive I’ve ever been, even compared to New York City seems expensive. Well, I haven’t been to Oslo, Zurich or Tokyo, maybe they are more expensive.
They really like bikers, which is an absolute positive thing, and the traffic is calm. Also public transportation is easy to use and there are free Wi-Fi at some stops. By the way, München is home for the well known BMW car factory, the famous football team: Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. and hosts the Oktoberfest.

Here is the gallery, later I will add a video as well.


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