Then and Now

Queen live @ Budapest in 1986

Queen live @ Budapest in 2017

The whole concert from 1986 can be watched here, surprisingly good quality.


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TURN ON your headlights

Dear people of Harrisburg,

When it is dark outside turn on your headlights, when it is raining turn on your headlights. When it is raining in the dark definitely TURN ON your headlights!

“I can see, I don’t need them”  – You may be able to see, but you are not the only one on the road and other drivers must be able to see you as well so they won’t hit your car.

no_headlights“It is on auto, it will turn on when it gets dark” – Tell this to the truck driver who wrecked your car because has failed to see you. It only takes a few seconds to flick the nob and turn ON your lights. It can SAVE your and other people’s LIFE.

“I thought they were on” – When you turn them on you are probably still in parking position, check if the lights are reflecting off the cars near you or off the wall and be SURE they work. Bonus point if you get out of the car and walk it around!

“They don’t work” – you are not supposed to drive a car with faulty headlights, fix them. NOW! Carry a backup lightbulb with you. In some countries this is the law.

“I don’t know how to turn them on” – at this point you should not have a drivers license, if you do SHAME ON YOU and stay home, don’t drive anymore. I’m serious!  (This should have been part of your drivers test)

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Lake O’Hara

A place to visit on a beautiful day: Lake O’Hara


Wien (Vienna) – 2015

A couple days ago I spent a few -not so warm- but wonderful days in Vienna. I’ve been here before and it surprises me all the time. I truly believe Vienna is the most elegant city in the world (I’ve ever been). Most of the buildings were built hundreds of years ago in Neoclassicist style, but you can find Baroque and Neo-Gothic. Though you can find buildings of the new era, XXI. century as well.

Public transportation is fast, accurate and clean. If the weather is good you can rent a bike, riding a bike is safe and there are plenty of bike roads. Going around with a car is not recommended, slow and very expensive parking lots.

Food is good, there are local specialties: ApfelstrudelGermknödel, Kaiserschmarr, Sachertorte and of course Wiener Schnitzel. Among the traditional food you can also find turkish fast food places with very delicious food.

While walking on the streets of Vienna you should not forget that this city used to be the home of Maria Theresa, and Empress Elisabeth, Queens of Hungary. Yes, Hungary. Between years 1867-1918 Austria and Hungary used to be one country: Österreich-Ungarn or Ausztria-Magyarország.  Also raised in the Habsburg palaces was Marie Antoinette, who fatefully married Louis XVI and became doomed Queen of France.  


Germany – Munich

München is the safest city I’ve ever been. At least this is how it feels. Because nothing is for free you have to pay a high price for this. Everything is very expensive. By everything I mean: hostel, hotel, restaurants, public transportation, taxi. At least the most expensive I’ve ever been, even compared to New York City seems expensive. Well, I haven’t been to Oslo, Zurich or Tokyo, maybe they are more expensive.
They really like bikers, which is an absolute positive thing, and the traffic is calm. Also public transportation is easy to use and there are free Wi-Fi at some stops. By the way, München is home for the well known BMW car factory, the famous football team: Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. and hosts the Oktoberfest.

Here is the gallery, later I will add a video as well.


Germany – Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein Castle

Because Neuschwanstein castle is to mainstream we’ve visited Hohenzollern Castle and Lichtenstein Castle. Basically when you hear somebody who is going to visit a castle in Germany it is going to be Neuschwanstein, it is boring. On the other hand Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein castles are much older and those walls has seen more history. I can tell that the […]