Wien (Vienna) – 2015

A couple days ago I spent a few -not so warm- but wonderful days in Vienna. I’ve been here before and it surprises me all the time. I truly believe Vienna is the most elegant city in the world (I’ve ever been). Most of the buildings were built hundreds of years ago in Neoclassicist style, but you can find Baroque and Neo-Gothic. Though you can find buildings of the new era, XXI. century as well.

Public transportation is fast, accurate and clean. If the weather is good you can rent a bike, riding a bike is safe and there are plenty of bike roads. Going around with a car is not recommended, slow and very expensive parking lots.

Food is good, there are local specialties: ApfelstrudelGermknödel, Kaiserschmarr, Sachertorte and of course Wiener Schnitzel. Among the traditional food you can also find turkish fast food places with very delicious food.

While walking on the streets of Vienna you should not forget that this city used to be the home of Maria Theresa, and Empress Elisabeth, Queens of Hungary. Yes, Hungary. Between years 1867-1918 Austria and Hungary used to be one country: Österreich-Ungarn or Ausztria-Magyarország.  Also raised in the Habsburg palaces was Marie Antoinette, who fatefully married Louis XVI and became doomed Queen of France.  


Salzburg, Austria

Once in a while, you feel that you just want to go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere you can escape the daily grind and let positive and warm thoughts fill your mind.  This time, I chose Salzburg, a rather nice city in Austria, right next to the German border.  If you’re not familiar with the name, you probably […]



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