TURN ON your headlights

Dear people of Harrisburg,

When it is dark outside turn on your headlights, when it is raining turn on your headlights. When it is raining in the dark definitely TURN ON your headlights!

“I can see, I don’t need them”  – You may be able to see, but you are not the only one on the road and other drivers must be able to see you as well so they won’t hit your car.

no_headlights“It is on auto, it will turn on when it gets dark” – Tell this to the truck driver who wrecked your car because has failed to see you. It only takes a few seconds to flick the nob and turn ON your lights. It can SAVE your and other people’s LIFE.

“I thought they were on” – When you turn them on you are probably still in parking position, check if the lights are reflecting off the cars near you or off the wall and be SURE they work. Bonus point if you get out of the car and walk it around!

“They don’t work” – you are not supposed to drive a car with faulty headlights, fix them. NOW! Carry a backup lightbulb with you. In some countries this is the law.

“I don’t know how to turn them on” – at this point you should not have a drivers license, if you do SHAME ON YOU and stay home, don’t drive anymore. I’m serious!  (This should have been part of your drivers test)

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